Computer Centre

ICT Resource Centre

There is a full-fledged ICT Resource Centre with 25 Computers having sufficient opportunity to train the teacher trainees an also to acquaint them with fundamental knowledge of Computer. A qualified Teacher is appointed to offer training to the Teacher Trainees.

ICT Resource Centre/Computer Lab is one of the major focal labs of the school. ICT, Computer Lab and ET facilities have been integrated in the school where learners are not only encouraged to acquire basic skills but also motivated to use the same extensively during the B. STC programme. The use of ICT is promoted in lesson planning and delivery. The students are motivated to conceptualize and develop ICT related instructional material for the enrichment of their teaching. Besides, the students are encouraged to develop interactive power-point presentations and AVs for their school experience program.

The entire school campus is Wi-Fi enabled and efforts are made to ensure that ICT and its use are integrated in the fabric of the curriculum.

The students are thus able to access the educational websites and other online material for preparing their assignments and for preparing interactive power point presentations. They are encouraged to incorporate audio/video clips in their lesson plans.